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Causes, Symptoms and Treatments for Heart Failures

The Heart related problems encompasses the disorders related to the movement of blood from the different parts of the body to the heart. High blood pressure, low blood pressure, pain in the abdomen and minor attacks all consists of heart related problems.

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Heart Failure does not mean that the heart has stopped working. Senior citizens are under the greater threat of having a heart failure. The young adults who are addicted to excessive smoking and alcohol can also face the heart problems at an early age.

The heart can grow weak in time. The older generations are susceptible to heart diseases. There is no cure for heart diseases but if diagnosed at an early age, preventive measures can be taken accordingly. A healthy eating lifestyles, lack of nutrition, regular exercise, and physical activities can prevent individuals from harmful heart health hazards.

Causes of a heart Failures:

  • Consumption of high fat and high salt foods which leads to blockage of arteries in the heart
  • High Blood Pressure, which is a condition when the pressure of the blood is high on the arteries forcing them to perform.
  • Diabetes, a condition where the body stops producing insulin and therefore, the blood vessels start accumulating the sugar, which finally leads to a damage of blood vessels.
  • Heart Muscle Disease, which is a birth defect or caused due to an infection.
  • Heart defects formed inside the fetus
  • Thyroid
  • Cancer
  • Alcohol and Excessive Smoking
  • Excess of Vitamin E
  • Lack of proper Nutrition

Signs of a Heart Problems

Heart Problems involves a weakening of heart muscles and arteries when they start pumping less blood than they should. This results in accumulation of fluids inside the body as oxygen is not transported properly.


The symptoms include:

  • Difficulty in breathing- When an individual finds it difficult to breathe in a normal environment, it could be a sign of a heart disease.
  • Fatigue- When someone feels tired and low all the time or as soon as they wake up, it hints at a dangerous situation.
  • Frequent need to pass out the urine – While frequent urination could be result of lack of proper nutrition and proper water intake, it could also mean there is a heart disease.
  • Swelling – It is a huge red sign for a heart disease.
  • Weight gain – Excessive weight gain despite regular exercise could hint at a heart disease.
  • Excessive Coughing- The kind of coughing which gets irritable as soon as one lies down on the bed could be a warning signal of fluid trapped in lungs due to heart diseases.
  • Diabetes – It could lead to heart problems as the body stops producing the insulin.
  • High Cholesterol – High level of bad cholesterol can lead to heart failure as it leads to blockage of arteries and veins inside the body.

Treatment for Heart Failure

1- Medications

2- Surgery

3- Proper Nutrition

4- Regular Exercise and Healthy lifestyle

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